GCSE Takeaway Homework in Maths

A great idea for takeaway homework in Maths (the picture is from the Maths corridor – just outside the Maths office). Here is the creator, Rebecca, explaining why and how this works:

“Whole reason for it is to provide as much support for yr11 as possible and promote the pupils use of PLCs. Yr 11 teachers are using 4 weekly assessments to provide a ‘live’ update on PLCs, during intervention sessions pupils are encouraged to bring their PLCs and choose the topics showing as Amber or red. We are hoping to motivate and put a degree of responsibility in their hands. PLCs are also on display in their classrooms alongside a grade tracker for each class. 
Response so far has been positive and provided lots of talking points and dare I say competitiveness!!!! (Especially the boys!)
These are just the grade C and D topice – I just need to find space for all the other grade topics!!!!”
Thanks Rebecca and Maths.

Charlotte’s idea for promoting a dialogue with students

Attached are a rationale and some examples put together by Charlotte in English for promoting dialogue with students dring your marking.

Some very skilled and thoughful ideas here – and some examples of it working in practice. And it’s easy to implement! Please click on the links for examples and instructions:

Feedback Loops and Dialogue Bubbles – Dialogue Bubbles

Feedback Loops and Dialogue Bubbles (instructions for students) – Feedback loop sheet and dialogue bubbles

Thinking diagrams using post it notes

To plan an essay the Sixth Form used coloured post it notes to build the paragraphs for the three sections needed. They began in pairs with two different coloured post it notes, one for positive points to agree with the notion in the question, the other for negatives to disagree with the question. They then categorised the post it notes into the 3 sections of the essay on A3 paper and used pink post it notes to add the analysis to link between the points. By the end they had thoroughly discussed the essay and prepared a detailed plan!!! See the photos for the finished results.