Brigshaw Learner Display in Technology

Here is Michelle’s idea for a ‘working’ wall display in technology using the Brigshaw Learner – along side some pictures of her display. Here is Michelle explaining how it works:

“It is a wall display that uses all of the Brigshaw learner strands, I have added examples to each column showing how to be an expert in each column.

 For instance on the organisation column I have included the equipment menu and have photographed a good example of a pupils planner showing great organisational skills and book kept in mint condition.
In the expert learner column I have used examples of pupils work in yr 7 and yr 9 showing how they have responded to feedback via G4G work, I have then re marked their work which they then completed additional G4G.
In the third column for expert home learner, I got pupils in my form to bring in examples of how they are an expert learner.  Sixth former’s brought in detailed timetables of their days and weekends all mapped out, another pupil photographed their work space, others showed how they used show my homework to help them stay organised  using photographs, others just wrote what they do to be an expert at home learning.
The idea behind it it to show pupils how they can become an expert in different ways and use it a classroom resource to direct pupils to expectations.”

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