The Brigshaw Learner and Feedback in Languages

Languages have a standard way to discuss progress and target set with students. It is based both on subject specific targets and also on the Brigshaw Learner. It is fantastically interactive. Here is what Jac says and some examples of work:

“Pupils in KS3 in Languages have an end of half term progress review before or immediately after each holiday. It is a very simple process and has worked well for us for a few years. They make a note in their books with a reminder of the end of year target, current level achieved and set themselves a couple of targets for how to improve (normally in conversation with the teacher as we do at Post 16). This year we have trialled amending this to be one Brigshaw Learner target and one Language-specific target. 

We have tried a similar process in KS4 to tie-in with PLCs and data collections. Again, teachers have a short progress review conversation (sometimes in small groups) and we have provided copies of the Brigshaw Learner sheet for pupils to annotate with current fine grade, current judgements E/S/N/U and they are asked to highlight an area for improvement on the sheet before sticking into their books.
Our big focus now is to encourage pupils to refer regularly to the targets they have chosen, this could be by writing them at the top of new pieces of work or as a homework choice where they bring their own evidence of the skill or learning style they have chosen.”
Jac 1 Jac 2

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