2 thoughts on “10 tips for helping to develop Expert Learners

  1. Kat Thorley says:

    Diamond 9 proved a good way to help Year 11 Dual Linguists tackle a tough A/A* topic last term – we had one colour diamond for environmental problems, another colour for implications and effects, another for the potential solutions. This enabled some good higher order thinking to analyse, compare, contrast and justify. By putting slightly more vocabulary on the tiles, pupils had the necessary scaffolding for a complex, “AS-style” discussion after minimal teaching time on the topic.

  2. Anne Orr says:

    The use of whiteboards is now key to a lot of the learning we do in Inclusion. It not only gives them something to focus on physically but is an excellent and immediate way of sharing understanding. We use them with green markers in plenaries to show G for G and students use them without asking now, to seek clarification from staff on things they are unsure of.

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