Green for Growth in Drama

Here is a great idea from Drama about how they are developing the use of Green for Growth. Please speak to Alex and Kim for details.
In Drama we have started to use more and more Green for Growth. I have found this incredibly powerful in improving the standard of work and also allowing students to really focus on particular areas that will not only benefit them but also their performance group.
This example is from a Year 9 class I see twice a week. They have been exploring the story of Damilola Taylor and the events which lead to his death. The exploration culminated in a assessment performance. After watching each others work students were then placed in pairs for a ‘speed dating’ target setting session. They spoke to two of their peers and swapped targets or areas of development, before finally speaking to two new students who helped them to write a way they could meet these targets.
To ensure quality and that the targets were actually going to be beneficial every member of the group also received a teacher target. 
Using this the group were then able to produce a new performance which asked them to consider what life would be like for Damilola’s murders once they were released from prison. During the rehearsal process all students used their Green for Growth slips and by the end had someone who was responsible for them meeting their target (constant reminders of what they had to do). 
The final assessment standard was by far the best work the group have created. The range and depth of thought as well as Drama skills displayed is quite staggering compared with initial work. 
During a class vote at the end of the assessment almost all agreed that their work as a class was by far better as a result of using structured Green for Growth.
Below are several pictures of the Green for Growth targets.image(12) image(11) image(10)

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