Green for Growth and Pink for Praise

In English, Donna and Gemma and the team use ‘Green for Growth’ as well as ‘Pink for positive’ as a tool to help students reflect.

As well as clearly signposting good and bad sections, it encourages the students to pick out their own targets and positives. The teacher usually annotates work with targets, but highlighted work encourages students to use success criteria to decide why work has been coloured green or pink.

It is a fanstastic tool to promote self reflection and has become standardised in lessons so students have begun to do it instinctively.

IMG_1495 IMG_1496  IMG_1494IMG_1488 IMG_1493 IMG_1492 IMG_1491 IMG_1490 IMG_1489

One thought on “Green for Growth and Pink for Praise

  1. Vicky Scott says:

    I like the clarity of ‘green for growth’ and ‘pink for praise’ shown here by highlighting sections of text. This is definitely something I will consider doing in the near future. Thank you!

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