Sarah Donarski’s Working Wall – with updated pics!

This post contains the initial ideas and set up and Sarah’s updated pics now the board is finished… Will share any more as it comes!

Sarah uses her wall display as an intrinsic part of the SOWs that she teaches. The attached picture is an example of this, here is what she says:

‘Basically, the wall consists of quotes on the progression/development of Hal in Henry IV.  As we read, students assess key quotes that go onto the wall to use for later use.  Underneath will be the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ display which will also have key quotes as the novel and character progresses.  By the end of the scheme, students will have a range of quotes to choose/look at/use for their comparative essay on Henry IV and Jekyll and Hyde’

Thanks Sarah!


Here is the completed wall:
‘As you can see, each sleeve has the key quotes from important sections of the novel/play and they have been analysed by the students.  Furthermore, there are extra sleeves with the author’s intention, enabling students to consider various understand context and messages which allows them to write about alternate interpretations (a higher level skill).  It is an interactive display that encourages pupils to think of other key sections to the text they are studying and particularly encourages the lower ability to be assisted by the higher ability.  Push the top/support the bottom!’
Donarski 1 Donarski2 Donarski3 Donarski4

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