Drama ‘Green for Growth’ target wall

These photgraphs are of Kim Buckley’s G4G wall in drama. Here’s what she says about how it works:

Post-Assessment lesson. 

Students work in a pair to reflect on their assessment and place themselves on a scale of achievement. They write this on a mini whiteboard with a reason why they think they are, for example 13/20, which is Skillful. Share with the class.
Then the teacher goes around the room and writes their actual score on their white board in green pen. 
Students now compare their self assessment with the teacher assessment and discuss in their pair the +/- difference and reasons why etc. Share with the class. 
Students are now given a piece of green card, and set themselves 2 targets for improvement. these are shared with the class and then stuck on the wall to be referred to in the upcoming lessons.
IMG_1448 IMG_1449
Thanks Kim

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